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you know in that picture of miragen in glasses kise’s winking at himself


thinks he’s hot shit


and then midorima looks exactly how i feel about this


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黒バス詰め by 星子

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04.11-04.15 2014 by ろっせ
Translation: fyenale
Typesetting: akashikuroko

I just want them all to be happy. _(:3

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the beauty we learn behind this aweful tragedy from the young pure souls

  1. a boy give his life jacket and give all his life to help his classmate… he die as a hero on his birthday
  2. a young selfless ship attendant help distribute life jackets to passenger and stay behind until her last breath
  3. a 6 years old brother who give his life jacket to his 5 years old sister and wispher comfort even his fate is still unknown
  4. a student who yell for rescuer to take a small child from his arms even the ferry is sinking and he still on it

either u’re gone or safe or still missing my thought and pray goes for you…may your soul rest in peace and hope miracles exist so u can be with your love again and be safe…

I’m crying.. These people are heroes..

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Akashi Seijuro - requested by seijjuro

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"Am I Worng" // Nico and Vinz // Am I Worng


Am I wrong for trying to reach the things that I can’t see?
— Nico & Vinz
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In loneliness, the lonely one eats himself; in a crowd, the many eat him. Now choose.

—Friedrich Nietzsche (via hrsvt)
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