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Akashi Seijuro - requested by seijjuro

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"Am I Worng" // Nico and Vinz // Am I Worng


Am I wrong for trying to reach the things that I can’t see?
— Nico & Vinz
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In loneliness, the lonely one eats himself; in a crowd, the many eat him. Now choose.

—Friedrich Nietzsche (via hrsvt)
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Hello lovely people of this world. Reblog this if you post/reblog

- Johnnys Jr (especially Travis Japan/Juri/Keigo)

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- Anime/manga

- Pretty much anything Japanese culture or language related

However, if you reblog a ton of Sexy Zone, Kpop, or Yamada/yuto/chinen, I probably will not follow you ^^”

(If I already follow you, please reblog anyways so others can see itt :3)

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Suddenly, in the middle of conversation…
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If they don’t like you who the fuck cares.

—(via kaktulu)
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Kuroko no basket season 2 finale.

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